The Moroccans have rocked the babouche for centuries. You can, too.

The Moroccans have had it right from the start: an elegant, comfortable slipper, worn at home (and sometimes outside), winter and summer, by both men and women of all ages. That’s the babouche.

Boosh is bringing its unique personality to the babouche, giving it a new style and a touch of excentricity with its original designs – allowing you to express your identity.

Our mission is to make the babouche slipper universal: adopted in every home, all around the world.



Your feet deserve your best look at home, just like they do outside.

Match your Boosh to your charisma, your interior, your pyjamas or the next dinner party.

Plus, if your feet are not lucky enough to wear a pedicure,

dressing them with Boosh will give them the right allure.