The babouche, a piece of art.

Boosh slippers are crafted following the traditional mastery of Moroccan babouche making, in Fes, Morocco’s original city holding this know-how.

They are entirely sewn by hand by craftsmen, who spend hours creating a single pair of babouche.

The craftsmen behind each babouche are called “Mâalem” in Moroccan Arabic: masters holding expertise and worthy of teaching their know-how to the next generations. They own their business from father to son, over several generations.

Boosh commitment is to work with these craftsmen and develop the local business for their community.



Boosh babouche slippers are made using 100% leather, including the sole and lining of the shoe. This is what makes them last and what allows them to build their shape around your feet after you've worn them a few times.

This is why historically there is no right and left foot in the babouche: your feet create your right and left shoe naturally.


The devil is in the details

All elements of your Boosh are sewn together by hand, including the sole. To obtain a perfect finish, the sewing is made using two needles. This way, the thread becomes almost invisible.

One exception to this invisible hand-sewing is the side embroidery, linking the front and the back of the babouche, following traditional Moroccan threading.

To ensure the best feeling for the feet, the inner sole is doubled with a layer of foam, which creates this soft feel when you slide your feet into your Boosh.

Finally, the sole follows a strict process to ensure the best finish, filing the edges and giving it a shiny coating.


"Worn in Orient since the IIIrd century, you still find a pair of babouche in every Moroccan home.
They are worn as daily indoor slippers at all times - when people get out of their bed and when they get home in the evening.
Babouche slippers are also worn at big events, like traditional weddings or Ramadan dinner invitations.
Some might even dare to wear the babouche outside..."